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Bernina, Bernina

Last month I had some time off work and decided to go shopping in Kingston with my Mum. My first shopping trip there was last year to seek out Fabricland – the website for this fabric shop is a bit wacky. Thankfully not reflected in real life but I didn’t buy any fabric this time (I’ve enough already!).

Anyhow, look what I found in a charity shop:


I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was so excited and surprised to find it. It came with a bag containing the original manual, spare bobbins and 7 feet! 7!


Now a Bernina isn’t a light machine so I paused for a few seconds to think about how to get this beauty home since we’d travelled by train but with not very encouragement needed from my Mum I decided it was too good to leave behind.

The sales assistant kindly provided a large Ikea bag to put it in. Reader, it was heavy but I found a comfortable enough place on my shoulder to carry it home. Mum offered to help a few times bless her, but she’s retired, so no.

There was. One. Crucial. Thing I had forgotten to do – test it! My heart sank a little when once home and plugged in the machine didn’t work. Poo. However I knew the Battersea Sewing Centre (BSC) could take a look and probably fix it. In the meantime I gave the sewing machine and all the feet and other stuff that it came with a thorough clean and searched online for any info about this particular Bernina. All that I found was its a model from the 1990s and no longer made in Switzerland.

The next weekend I bubbled wrapped and placed in a suitcase the Bernina and off I went to south London. Two working days later BSC called to say the circuit board was the problem and could be replaced. Hurrah! I now have a working machine which reminds me of the textile lessons I had in secondary school. It sews really well and I look forward to making my first handmade item with it.