Knitting and Stitching Show 2014

Someone told me the Knitting and Stitching Show in October is the ‘big one’. To say I was looking forward to it is an understatement. I’m glad I bought my tickets early and didn’t hold out for a potential discount code or Groupon offer for Saturday because it sold out!

I can’t remember if I’ve been to Alexandra Palace or the Ally Pally in north London before. Possibly on a school trip but what an amazing view over London. I don’t have pics – sorry! I’ve not got used to carrying a camera to take pics for this blog. Use your phone I hear you say – its a quite old BlackBerry. Oh. Yes indeed. What I do have is a pic of what I bought:

The colourful fabric on the left is stretch cotton sateen and lovely to touch. I’ve since seen it for sale in John Lewis for £18.50 per metre. I DID NOT PAY THAT MUCH. The blue fabric is a type of cotton linen (I think) and is embroidered with little sailing boats. I hope to make a blouse/shirt with it. A couple of Sew Over It patterns and a Vogue pattern I can remove from my Amazon wish-list, bought for £4 at the show – yay! Finally the tartan is cotton, like the brushed sort but I think too thick for PJs or a shirt, maybe another Megan dress but the idea of matching up plaid correctly is putting me off.

I went to the show with my Mum and we really enjoyed ourselves. She also bought some fabric and stopped for a head and shoulder massage there too. It was very busy – lots of people and lots to see. I would definitely like to go next year.

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