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1st Make Done

Perfectionism can be good and a real pain at the same time. Keen for my brother’s cushions to be, like, shaa-amazing I’ve wandered around fabric shops, hand on face and muttering to myself trying to pick well. In my last post I mentioned buying fabric in Hackney – well, on second thoughts it-was-too-thin-and-required-lining-and-really-cushion-covers-are-made-from-thicker-material-so-let’s-try-again. So two weeks ago I decided to make my long intended visit to Goldhawk Road in Shepherd’s Bush. A good excuse to see the fabric shops I’d read so much about online and pick up some new fabric for the cushions.

I’m amazed at the number of fabric shops on Goldhawk Road and in such close proximity to each other. Like the kids’ song ‘in and out the dusty bluebells’ I went between shops – it was wonderful! Shepherd’s Bush Market is a few steps away where more fabric traders can be found and reasonable prices too. For a great overview, see Karen Ball’s blog post: Goldhawk Road Fabric Fandango.

I found some fabric priced at £4 per yard for my brother’s cushions. Not to my taste but I’m pleased to say he approves and all that matters…and here they are…


…two cushions for his sofa. Both fitted with zip openings. I’ve not sewn zips before so although not perfect (hence pics are not up close) I’m pleased with my first attempt. So is my brother. Hurrah!