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Happy New Year!



I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year? Mine was very much about family time, there’s not many of us and all in London so it was a relaxed and easy time together.

I won’t review items sewn in 2014 as I sort of did that in the post before last. Suffice to say garments completed were few: 3 dresses, 1 skirt and 2 cushion covers for my brother. I’ve 3 unfinished pieces: 2 dresses and new lining for my black RTW coat. The old lining was removed back in the Summer and so I’ve worn my very warm wool green coat instead even when the weather hasn’t been chilly as its my only other coat. Result = boiling tube journeys. 2014 was an up and down year and I won’t miss it but by the grace of God I’ve made it to 2015 which means He has things for me to do! This year will be exciting as I take a 6 month sabbatical and do a bit of travelling.

Sewing is frustrating at times – I get really excited by patterns and fabric and then annoyed with myself when I can’t sew as fast as I’d like. When I make haste avoidable mistakes are made or I get stuck on fitting issues I want to ignore (but can’t) so I can hurry up and finish the thing and wear it. Like, now! This attitude surprised me as I’m not impatient like this in other areas of my life. When I think of when I last spent significant time on creative activities i.e. my childhood I was so patient at it – drawing, making notebooks etc. I used to do beadweaving afterall – that took ages.

Sewing goals for 2015? Naaahh, well, maybe two.. hand made presents for family and friends (for me this requires lots of planning and was lacking in 2014) and to sew one complete wearable garment each month, excluding the periods when I’m away – Ha! Cheat I hear you cry :-)

Here’s to a fun filled 2015 with lots of learning, personal growth and adventures. God bless!