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Pattern Cutting Class: Week 1


Today I attended week 1 of a pattern cutting class at Bethnal Green Library, east London and I really enjoyed it!

Over 5 weeks I’ll learn how to create a pattern to suit my measurements. No commerical patterns will be used. I love this as I think it’s true dressmaking.

We were introduced to using blocks to make patterns and pivoting these for correct dart placement the waist, shoulder or bust line. I found this a little confusing, pivoting the wrong bit or to the wrong place. I hope to grasp this in the coming weeks!

The tutor and class mates are all lovely and keen to learn. I’ve got some homework before the next lesson which I must do if I’m to make a dress.



And If You Ever… Fall In Love Again…*

Thanks to the 90s boy band E17 I’ve never forgotten that this postcode equals Walthamstow – the home of the longest street market in Europe.

When asked where’s the best place to buy cheap fabric the first response is usually this market. There are many blog posts about it for example here, here and here. I’ve been meaning to visit for ages and thought a trip there this weekend before going back to work would be a good idea.

I should have waited. Too soon after the New Year, the market lacked atmosphere and the weather was a miserable grey. The TMOS (The Man Outside Sainsbury’s) I had read so much about wasn’t there with his marvellous stall. In fact there were no fabric stalls out but all of the fabric shops minus one were open.

Wandering listlessly between shops I realised when not buying cotton fabric I’m really unsure about what to buy. I’m not a fan of jersey, polyester or anything like nylon. Although I was persuaded by the reeaallly cheap prices to some fabric…


Both are variations of polyester I think. Yes, I did just say I don’t like polyester but the light pink was 50p a metre! The other (to use for lining?) was £1 a metre. Bargain!

Hmm…what shall I make…?

I plan to return to Walthamstow market later in the year, when the weather is warmer.

*Go here to see one of E17’s best hits (a cover of a fab rnb song).

2014 Sewing Plans


Firstly, Happy New Year!

Well, aside from the recent Christmas Baubles I’ve just not been sewing. Nothing. At all. With two weeks off for Christmas I’ve had time to catch up on the happenings in the sewing community online and finally do some sewing.

I turned by attention to finally sewing a test piece of the Colette Hazel dress using Calico. Most sewing bloggers did this about a year ago and my original plan was to sew it over the Summer but clearly that didn’t happen. So I’m sewing a summery dress in December/January and really wishing it was July *sigh*.

Anyhow, I’m keen to keep learning so here are my sewing goals for the year:

1. Participate in a sew along. What is a sew along? It’s when a group of sewers decide to make something at the same time e.g. when a new pattern comes out and they blog about their progress online and support each other. For a beginner like me it would be great to be a part of!

2. Sew gifts for friends and family. Where time permits I would love to give handmade gifts this year (including handmade cards).

3. Make clothes I can wear regularly and buy less ready to wear stuff.

Sounds acieveable I think!

Have a wonderful 2014!